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Elizabeth at WarLock Manor

Let’s start this thing off with an introduction, shall we?

I’m Elizabeth Lockhart. I’m the wife of a cider-making scientist/chef/poet (lucky girl) and a proud homeowner. I’m a creative type for as many hours as I can stay awake after 5:30 pm. Relatedly, I take my coffee with heavy whipping cream.

I’m also a friend to all cats, and the keeper of two rather naughty ones.

I’m an editor by nature, and this makes me a slightly reluctant writer. I blogged for several years at Shock the Bourgeois (to readers of StB: welcome, and thank you) and then for quite a while I didn’t blog at all. If I’ve learned anything through blogging (and not blogging), it’s that “perfect or not at all” tends to result in a blank page.

So it’s nice to be putting words on this very fresh new page. Follow along as we likewise fill our delightfully imperfect little house.


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