Our Brick Tudor

These photos are of our house just as we first saw it- beiged and staged. I wish I could simulate how we first saw it.

By the time we found our Tudor, we had been searching for seven months. We’d seen dozens of houses. There were many tours that ended just inside the front door, or with a heavy sigh. There were false starts, false hopes, and two losses that had stung badly.

We’d just finished walking through a house nearby. It was well-priced, contractor/Dad-approved, and the only thing wrong with it was that it didn’t feel right. I was starting to wonder if we should stop looking for the house and simply find a house. But then our realtor suggested we stop by an open house down the street, a Tudor that was just outside our search criteria. There it was- the house.

Of course, it’s not like they just handed us the keys. It was laughably disastrous. It took four (or so?) offers, two months of negotiation, and one shiny new sewer line. And even when we finally got the keys, we couldn’t get the damn front door unlocked. Classic us.

Here’s the house that we fought so hard for.

Do you see what we saw?

One thought on “Our Brick Tudor

  1. Jennifer

    I also found a house just outside of our search parameters that ended up being our dream house. At least, it will be once we bring it back to life, somewhere under all the painted wood trim. I can certainly see why you choose your house, and after follow One Must Shock the Bourgeoisie, I’m sure you’ll make it gorgeous.


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