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Family Portrait: March 2014

7 months old, and always smiling- my, what big teeth you have, Pearl WarLock!

Pearl WarLock, 7 Months Old

Having spat out the last of her baby teeth last month, she seems to have made it through the phase of dramatic daily change. Her growth and appetite have tapered off, and I’m now wondering if Pearl might be a more “petite” Pyrenees. I wouldn’t complain!

She’s a wonderful size right now: her head at exactly the right height to be patted when she’s standing at my side, tall enough to put her paws on my shoulders for hugs and kisses, and (at least in her mind) not too big to be a lapdog (though, oof, 70 pounds).

Who knows how big she’ll get- for now she’s still learning how big she IS. We’re impressed by how gently she plays with the littler dogs at the park, a bit sore at how much she pulls on her leash, and confused by how the dog who walks like a polar bear on roller-skates can also tiptoe oh-so sneakily into the kitchen for a cat food snack…

Here’s our rascally pup, month by month.