Family Portrait: May 2014

Yes, we skipped our April family photo. It was a bad hair day for all of us: Adam was still refusing to cut his, I’d made a not-so-bright decision with a box of very bright red dye, and the pup was sporting a shaved belly from her spay surgery. Not a moment we were keen to photograph and publish.

So here we are (accordingly trimmed, dyed, and fluffed) with our 9-month-old Great Pyrenees.

Pearl WarLock, 9 Months Old

Pearl could hardly sit still for a photo this month. If you can’t guess from our boots and baseball tees, it was dog park day. Good thing we remembered our picture before Pearl’s dip in the lake and roll in the dust… or you might not have heard from us until June!

Here’s how our gorgeous galumpher has grown…


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