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Family Portrait: June-uary 2014

Another month come and gone. After an unseasonably warm May, we have an unpredictable, shifty June-uary. Is that not the most delicious portmanteau? I can hardly stop using it, though it might be one of those black licorice words that you have to savor sparingly, or people will start to think you’re weird.

Regardless. It’s been a hot and cold month in many ways, but we’re getting through it. The same could be said of 10-month-old Pearl’s most recent phase… we’re hoping there is more consistently sunny weather and attitude in the forecast.

Pearl WarLock, 10 Months Old

Our young miss is sweet and sour these days. We tell her to sit, and she does- by perching herself on the edge of the couch. Well played, dog. Training has become a battle of wits and wills, and at 75+ pounds, she’s a heavy-weight contender. But not the champ. Sorry Pearl, we are the bosses of you.

Luckily we are patient people, accustomed to fickle weather. We’ll wait out Pearl’s tween-aged sulks and sass, and will heap on the praise when she’s obedient. Because when she’s good, she’s the best- bright and beaming.

Here’s our sunshine, month by month…

PS: Yes- I cut most of my hair off! Yes- it’s asymmetrical. Yes- it was on purpose. I love it!