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Family Portrait: July 2014

Oh, hey… just running a little behind here, as always.

Pearl WarLock, 11-Months-OldThe doggone pup is 11-months-old, and we’re facing an expiration date on the “she’s just a puppy” excuse. It’s been amusing to me how often I feel compelled to say that, when Pearl is more enthusiastic than polite. It’s not an excuse, it’s a truth. She’s just a puppy. This has been one of the tricky bits of raising a gentle giant- remembering that Great Pyrs grow fast and mature slow, and tailoring our expectations to her age rather than her size. She’s just a puppy. A massive, happy puppy, who does us very proud. And it’s okay for her to be silly, as long as she keeps her paws on the ground.

Here’s our wonderful dog, month by month. Only one more photo to go, and we can hardly believe it.