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WarLock Manor in Winter

I got two early Christmas gifts this morning!

WarLock Manor in Winter

Our first snow at WarLock Manor! Having now seen our little Tudor cottage dressed up in white, I’m convinced that a tiny, sparkly, light-up model (like this) would be the cutest holiday decoration ever. Time to get crafting!

Second, a romp in the snow with Pearl. Snow in Seattle is so rare (and usually so pathetic) that I thought of taking her to the mountains to be sure her first Winter was something special. So when I woke up this morning and saw our neighborhood blanketed with a respectable inch, I rousted Adam out of bed, bundled us up, and out we went. Absolute animal joy, just as I’d imagined. I’d love to share pictures, but a gleeful white puppy on white snow before sunrise is just a blur!

Fingers crossed that it lasts through the weekend- we have gallivanting to do. But even if it all turns to slush, it was the perfect morning for a girl in need of a bit of holiday magic.

Happy weekend, all!



It’s December, but…

… it still looks like Halloween around here.

Always Halloween at WarLock Manor...An unintentional vignette, and a photo taken just before the light shifted, taking the crow shadow with it. I think it’s time for another shift, away from dark and spooky, towards merry and bright. I tried to bah humbug my way out of Christmas decorating this year, but perhaps just a few sparkly things here and there… a strand of twinkle lights… maybe even a tiny tree…?