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Family Portrait: November 2013

Here we are with our darling Pearl, who turned three months old yesterday.

Pearl WarLock, 3 Months Old

Still a lapdog… for now! She’s looking so much more doglike since last month, but she’s all puppy. No idea what to do with those long legs, and learning what not to do with her sharp teeth. Growing pains for all of us!



Meet Pearl

Adam and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last year with a very traditional gift: we purchased WarLock Manor, and there was certainly plenty of paperwork involved.

Technically, you’re not supposed to get pearls until your 30th anniversary… but we just couldn’t wait. This is our new little girl, Pearl.

Our new Great Pyrenees pup, Pearl.

We drove all the way to Oregon to pick from 5 beautiful Great Pyrenees pups. While her sisters explored and gnawed on toys, this clumsy ball of fluff climbed right into my lap for a snuggle. Pearl picked us, and we didn’t argue!

I’ve been so busy loving on her that I’ve only managed to get a few crumby iPhone snaps. We’ll fix that shortly… Instagram followers, prepare yourselves.