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Our Brick Tudor

These photos are of our house just as we first saw it- beiged and staged. I wish I could simulate how we first saw it.

By the time we found our Tudor, we had been searching for seven months. We’d seen dozens of houses. There were many tours that ended just inside the front door, or with a heavy sigh. There were false starts, false hopes, and two losses that had stung badly.

We’d just finished walking through a house nearby. It was well-priced, contractor/Dad-approved, and the only thing wrong with it was that it didn’t feel right. I was starting to wonder if we should stop looking for the house and simply find a house. But then our realtor suggested we stop by an open house down the street, a Tudor that was just outside our search criteria. There it was- the house.

Of course, it’s not like they just handed us the keys. It was laughably disastrous. It took four (or so?) offers, two months of negotiation, and one shiny new sewer line. And even when we finally got the keys, we couldn’t get the damn front door unlocked. Classic us.

Here’s the house that we fought so hard for.

Do you see what we saw?

How the WarLocks Came to Be

Now that you’re acquainted with both authors of this blog, we thought you might like to know how our partnership began.

Adam and I met in a college course called Medieval Romance. We promptly bucked the noble traditions of courtly love that we were studying: I did all the wooing, he forgot chivalry and his wallet on our first date, and within a few weeks it was no secret that we were a couple. Our match-making professor helped things along by assigning us to the same group project, and we thereby spent the first few months of our relationship writing poetic declarations of love that Adam would later read to a blonde girl named Eileen as part of our final presentation. It was all very romantic.

Spokane Wedding, Hopkins House

And that was that. I knew almost immediately that we would get married, and Adam (the scientist) needed about five years of empirical data- career changes, distance, moves, hair colors, cats, and plenty of adventure- to reach the conclusion that we’re better together.

My Engagement Ring

In December of 2010 there was a ring. In July of 2011 there was a sweet and simple ceremony in Spokane that made things official. And all the while, there was the planning for our October 29th wedding, which was (in so many ways) the most fulfilling endeavor I’ve ever undertaken. Two years later, flipping through the photos gives me chills- and I’m so proud to show you all the handmade details and beautiful people that made our wedding something special.

PS: The serendipitous combination of our last names occurred somewhere between itemhood and engagement. It came to me suddenly, and I think I blurted out something silly like, “my gawd, Adam, we’re WarLocks” (which didn’t seem to shock him at all). Maybe it’s just easier than writing “Wargacki & Lockhart,” or maybe our friends and family think we’re cooking up potions. Either way, it fit, and it stuck.


Meet Adam at THE CELLAR

The other Basque in my life is a bit miffed that I introduced the pup before him. Oops, sorry husband!

Adam & Pearl (8 Weeks Old)

So, venture down to THE CELLAR for a little taste of what Adam will be serving up at his new blog.

PS: We’ve been running in circles lately (see above), but I’m working on updates for our WarLock Manor homepage (links to both blogs, imagine that!) and a special series of posts to commemorate our first two years of marriage. I’ll be sharing some of our wedding photos on our second anniversary, October 29th!

Meet Pearl

Adam and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last year with a very traditional gift: we purchased WarLock Manor, and there was certainly plenty of paperwork involved.

Technically, you’re not supposed to get pearls until your 30th anniversary… but we just couldn’t wait. This is our new little girl, Pearl.

Our new Great Pyrenees pup, Pearl.

We drove all the way to Oregon to pick from 5 beautiful Great Pyrenees pups. While her sisters explored and gnawed on toys, this clumsy ball of fluff climbed right into my lap for a snuggle. Pearl picked us, and we didn’t argue!

I’ve been so busy loving on her that I’ve only managed to get a few crumby iPhone snaps. We’ll fix that shortly… Instagram followers, prepare yourselves.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth at WarLock Manor

Let’s start this thing off with an introduction, shall we?

I’m Elizabeth Lockhart. I’m the wife of a cider-making scientist/chef/poet (lucky girl) and a proud homeowner. I’m a creative type for as many hours as I can stay awake after 5:30 pm. Relatedly, I take my coffee with heavy whipping cream.

I’m also a friend to all cats, and the keeper of two rather naughty ones.

I’m an editor by nature, and this makes me a slightly reluctant writer. I blogged for several years at Shock the Bourgeois (to readers of StB: welcome, and thank you) and then for quite a while I didn’t blog at all. If I’ve learned anything through blogging (and not blogging), it’s that “perfect or not at all” tends to result in a blank page.

So it’s nice to be putting words on this very fresh new page. Follow along as we likewise fill our delightfully imperfect little house.