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Adam & Pearl (8 Weeks Old)

My name is Adam. I’m a scientist.

In an expanding and rapidly moving world, that means I’m always learning something new, and collaborating with those uniquely qualified to teach me. Lately I’ve become a protein chemist (my day job), a gastronomist, a husband, a homeowner, an orchardist, and a cider-maker.

I’m most comfortable communicating in equations, diagrams, and long paragraphs of technical prose. This partnership with my wife, Elizabeth, offers a new challenge in an unfamiliar medium: photographs and videos that are as vivid and illuminating as my own experience. I consider this blog a cutting-edge laboratory notebook, logging the inconclusive but ongoing experiment of my life.

So, since this appears to be a kind of abstract, I should probably let you know what to expect:

  • Delight at success, otherwise humor.
  • Excessive amounts of context- allusions to ancient history, conjecture about the distant future, examination of microscopic mechanisms and macroscopic repercussions.
  • An aesthetic that reflects joy in the moments the natural world cooperates with human designs.
  • Newly grafted apple trees, dormant, standing straight in even rows.
  • Flasks and beakers left in mild disarray, my attempts to tame a wild yeast.

Upstairs, in The Kitchen (coming soon!):

  • “Fillets of sole stewing in the juice of tangerines / Slices of green pepper on a bone white dish” (Robert Hass, Song)

And, in my contributions to spousal site All the Dark Rooms:

  • Scratched and paint-flecked antique mahogany, stripped, then smoothed and stained and tacked back around my kitchen doorway… where it belongs.


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