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Field Notes: Map of Heritage Orchards and Historic Fruit Trees of the Northwest

I promised when I first started writing this blog, to use it as a cutting edge online laboratory notebook.  I said that because I thought it sounded cool.  I also promised to share my successes and failures…again, it’s the kind of stuff you say right before you get elected.

The failures I don’t mind revealing, especially anything to do with cooking or brewing.  That stuff makes for great material.  But it’s tempting to keep the best for oneself – the most picturesque orchards, the small pool of quality varieties, the perfect accidentally-devised recipes…but sitting here as a scientist at the end of his day, I think it’s a sin to make deliberate omissions in a lab notebook.

Below is a Google Map I use to keep notes on historic orchards and fruit trees from British Columbia to Southern California.  With over 100 coordinates it may take me awhile to visit all of these sites, but as I do I will attempt to track the status of these orchards, the number and condition of the trees, the varieties present and any restoration or maintenance efforts I observe.  Please enjoy these orchards, visit them and work for their preservation and recapitulation.


Please utilize the comments section to suggest corrections or to help me add new information. Thanks.